Sometimes the problems create fun too. And this is going to be hilarious. We touched upon the lack of toilets in railway locos in India in the post where loco pilots answer their natural calls, and while the issue is serious, some of our railway friends from Indain railways itself, have posted us some funny incidents. Enjoy them here.

train water  running through toilet
Loco driver shows birdie to guard - I have to go, it's dumping time

There are hilarious stories regarding the lack of toilets in locomotives.

  •  Once on a footplate I asked the asst driver where he'd disappeared.He mentioned he'd gone to the rear cab to pee! So next time you are hit by a spray by the window, it may not be just water :-)
  • There was another case in Vijayawada where the TN express was delayed by 20 min because the chief driver had to go when he had to go!
  • Most hilariously, in Salem, one asst. driver had to take a dump, so he used a coach on the adjacent platform. That train promptly took off.
If you have some funny things to share with us related to railways, do send us. Thank You! Have fun!

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