A shocking news has come along where a girl working at Pizza Hut got dead in a train accident. Incident too place in pink city, Jaipur - capital of State of Rajasthan in India.

Name of girl who has lost her life in train accident is Priyanka. She used to work at World Trade Park's Pizza Hut shop. She was crossing the track when she got hit by the express train.

World Trade Park - Jaipur

As per locals, Priyanka - a native of Gangapur City was working in Jaipur. Everyday she used to go from her uncle's house to her place of duty. Uncle's home is situated at the other side of railway track. This railway track passes at the back of 'Gaurav Tower' - a popular market place of Jaipur.

gaurav tower jaipur
gaurav tower jaipur

As per habit she was enjoying music with head phones while walking. Those who witnessed the train accident told us that they hear loco pilot blowing horns many a times in order to get attention of the girl. But she was never going to listen. She was just lost in the music.

body on railway track
Police inspecting the place where dead body is lying on railway tracks

Loco pilot at the end applied emergency brakes to avoid a hit. But it was obviously too late. Girl was than taken to nearby 'Jaipuriya Hospital' by the police, where she was declared dead.

This is a lesson to all those who take life too easy. Never mess around on railway tracks. In fact, try to cross the tracks through railway crossing. Be alert when you cross the tracks. Train might look slow to arrive, but often it beats humans with speed.

We have already posted how taking selfies with train proved fatal for a lady. Be careful. Messing around with fast trains is never a good idea. Get this engraved in your memory forever.

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