Taking selfies is one of the most cherished hobbies of all, especially youths, these days. The activity  has gain even more popularity with invention of gadgets like selfie stick, a rod which make taking selfies really easy.

Clicking a photo of oneself with friends or a famous personality with a backdrop of a world famous monument is something everyone like doing with smartphone in the hand. It's all too easy.

selfie with train
stick to selfie taking on railway tracks only when signal shows red sign or when you don't see a train coming from long distance.

Some people, however, like to be more adventurous and likes to take a standout selfie which usually involve a bit of risk. Some like to stand at tip of mountain cliff and take a photo while others like to make a free fall click snaps while diving.

Recently in Indore, a famous city in India, a young man tried to take one such risky selfie where he attempted to click a photo standing beside a railway line when a high speed train was coming from behind. He thought it will be a great snap, something that will get highest number of likes on Facebook and Google+, but unfortunately it did not turn out that way.

The idea of taking, what was meant to be the most liked selfie, turned out to be a disastrous. The young men got stuck from behind by railway locomotive which cause him a head injury which he was not able to recover from and died in the hospital. He was the only son of the parents. The incident caused great grief among all.

Surely taking high risk selfies must be avoided. In a bid to become popular by posting a selfie to get most likes is surely not among one of the best ideas.

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