Booking hotels has never been this easy. The burst of online hotel booking sites has meant that customers can not only do easy booking but also can compare prices before booking accommodation.

Gone are the days where to find best hotels you have to visit each hotel in person. Also gone are the days when to find good hotels you needed to purchase travel guides from book shops. These days there are plenty of wonderful sites that does the dirty work of finding best hotels for you. With smartphones gaining popularity, these online sites have their app version too. Thus you can book your accommodation on the go.

Comparison of various hotels and their prices is fascinating. Same room that is available at Rs.3000 per day at one site is available at discounted price of Rs.2000 on another site. But if you are thinking that it is the price that can be only compared, than you are wrong. You can compare hotels by other parameters too. For example you can compare hotels by their location. You can find out which is nearer to airport. You can also search hotel by proximity to important place where you have to visit. Other criteria available on online sites for hotel comparison are: hotel by cuisine, hotel by room size, hotel by room service, hotel by discount, hotel by rating (5 star, 7 star, luxury etc),  hotels that provide free taxi, hotels that provide sight seeing tour, and of course hotel by the cost of staying.

online hotel booking sites in India
online hotel booking site showing prices of various hotel rooms

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The best thing with 'online hotel sites' is that they are easy to deal with. You just have to click few buttons to search, compare, and book a hotel room. If you wish you can pay online in advance. Some online sites which offers room booking facility in hotels allows you to book hotel in advance by asking you to deposit a partial sum of rent in advance. This allows you to get a room booked for yourself or your family well before the date at which you will be going to that place.

One thing that you should keep in mind, especially with online hotel accommodation bookings sites in India, which provide advance booking facility is that if you happen to cancel your booking a percentage of your advanced booking amount might be deducted. This will be clearly mentioned in terms and conditions of the site. Make sure you read it carefully before advancing with hotel booking process.

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