Flipkart is back with its yearly festival shopping sale for Indian customers. How to get bigger discounts on flipkart? (than what already is being offered on app) is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

First thing you need to do to avail heavy discounts is to go to Flipkart site through this link now. The flipkart page will open in new tab (you can keep reading the rest of the procedure without any problem).

Go to sale now

Immediately you will begin to see various products listed with discounts (more than usual). This is because you have landed on flipkart through our website. Now you get all products even more cheaper.

Without wasting anytime (since there is time limit of 30 minutes) you must select your product and place the order. Place order within 30 minutes is very important because after that the special discount will not be available and you will have to buy product at a price which all other customers (who haven't gone to flipkart through our website) are buying at.

To make it even easier for you can directly to go offer page where many products in many categories are listed. These includes home appliances, clothing, electronics, shoes, AC , fridge washing machine, whatever you like.

Many people of course use the flipkart app for doing all the diwali shopping. While that is great, it is not as great as (in terms of getting discounts), as what we have shown you here. You can check it for yourself that discounts offered and much much higher than what is given on the app.

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