Flipkart is a company that provides online shopping to customers in India. To start shopping go to flipkart India login page now and start shopping.

Go to flipkart India - Click here to Login.

You can also start shopping without logging into Flipkart.com. In that case you will need to enter details of yourself and address where items will be shipped at the time of check out. This will happen at just before you make payment (even if you opt to pay by cash on delivery option).

It is better to start online shopping after doing login into flipkart. Of course, you need to have your account already created in order to login. If you don't have one, sign up at  flipkart india registration page and create your account. After signing up, note down your username and password. You'll need them for successful login to flipkart india site. You will receive email which will have both user id and password in it.

Login to flipkart India
Login to flipkart India by entering email and password..

The process of registration also require your mobile number. Enter it carefully as this will be used by Flipkart to send you messages regarding the status of your orders. Flipkart personnel, from time to time, will send you messages on your registered mobiles which will help you track your order. In particular you can track if your item is packed, when it was picked up bu courier, and when it will be delivered. This mobile will also help you talk to customer care service easily and they can serve you in a better way. By registering your number you'll be helping Flipkart India members to answer any query regarding your orders easily. All the items that you purchase or place order for are linked to your mobile number. This also makes cancellation and replacement of items easy.

One important thing to note is that in order to participate in sale you need to be logged in already. That's how important it is to do your registration.

In summary, when you login to Flipkart.com, before shopping online in India, you can manage orders easily (track and create returns), allows flipkart to make informed decisions regarding recommending you products and alerting you about price changes, and allow you to review and rate products. You can also create wishlists and share them.

You can already see the advantages of first logging in and then shopping online. It doesn't matter whether or not you are shopping from you PC or from latest dowloaded flipkart app on your android smartphone. When you create your account at Flipkart, you also open up yourself to receive various special services for free from flipkart. For example, Flipkart will automatically track your interests and tailor their item feed based on it. If you add some products to your wishlist, and if after sometime the price of that item (say mobile) falls, flipkart will inform you about it by sending notification.

Imagine you get informed first before anybody about the offers. You can save money. In future flipkart is planning to sell cars and motorcycles too. You can select and put your favorite automobile/ vehicle in cart, and than compare price with other dealers, and than purchase when best offer is available to you.

This is so cool. Isn't it!

What if you forget your login details for some reason?

Don't worry. There is forgot password link that can be used to reset your password. You can also use OTP (one time password) and continue to do online shopping in India on Flipkart. OTP is a temporary password and it expires after one user session. Thus it makes sense to reset your password. Also you won't get the services mentioned in above paragraphs if you don't properly login.

Another important thing is to keep your profile updated. Although flipkart will confirm shipping address before delivering your items, and you can change the shipping address from the default one provided at the time of registration, it is better to update and save the address. At least always make sure to have latest mobile updated.

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