A guard of goods train is reported to be missing from his cabin since last Saturday. All his luggage has been found in the cabin but walky talky is missing along with him.

The incident is reported from Sithouli, a small town near Gwalior in MP. Police along with GRP and RPF is investigating the issue. Prima facie it looks like someone has kidnapped the guard.

The on duty missing guard named Vedram Singh Jat boarded the goods train which was destined for Agra on Saturday evening. At midnight the goods train was halted at Sithouli village. The train was stranding at loop line. When point men went to Guards cabin to convey him some message for the forward journey he could not find him.

goods train
Guard cabin of goods train

Point men than informed about the missing of guard to station master who forwarded it to Railway Protection Force (RPF). RPF launched the searching operation immediately and they even went to nearby jungle in order to find the guard. Thus far they haven't succeeded in their motive.

Interestingly, when the railway guard's cabin was searched for any clue, the search team found mobile phone of the guard and a hand written note. However, the walky talky was missing.

Mp Police
MP police inspecting the note left by the guard.

In the note it is written that 'my duty is finished'.

Now, it could be that kidnappers have left this note to fool police. Even if guard's duty is finished he won't be walking away in jungle just like that and leaving the running train unguarded. But why than Kidnappers took the mobile and other valuables of guard away.

There are many other possibilities. One theory that is coming out is that guard could have gone for toilet. And due to jungle area some wild animal might have dragged him away. This is age old problem of railway operational staff who have been asking for providing toilets inside locomotives and guard's cabin. Read our article on this issue titled - Where should loco pilots answer their natural call?

Meanwhile the relatives of missing men have been informed. Son of guard - Manoj Singh, than rushed to the place of incident. He lives at kosi kalan.

A broil was seen between railway and manoj singh on the matter of who should register complaint. Railway said it should be son while the son said it should be railway.

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