People traveling in national railways train would be shocked when they read about this hidden truth about the blankets that are served to them in air conditioned AC coaches.

Indian Railway is the national railway of India. No doubt it is an organization to be proud of for every citizen of the nation. It is one of the largest railway companies in the world. But being large doesn't mean it is world class. The services provided by it to the passengers it carries still needs to be sorted out.

national railway blanket hidden truth
Blankets - They Stink!

Traveling in AC coaches is considered to be comfortable and secure way to travel by train in India. Except for few trains the bedroll and blankets are provided to the AC passengers by the railway itself. People like it.  They don't have to carry extra luggage to keep themselves protected from cold.

But do you know that the blanket that is provided to you is washed only once/twice in 2 months. Yes, you are given the same blanket that is used by other passengers for 60 days without being washed more than twice. It doesn't matter if the passenger which used it had some skin allergy, swine flu or any other disease. Once the passenger leaves the blanket in train after reaching his destination the blanket is simply folded and put into new paper packet.

Just imagine how dangerous it can be for your health. You can catch automatically transmitted diseases and fall ill, and all this without any fault of yours.

This shocking fact is revealed by the state minister of railways: Manoj Sinha, while replying to a query put up to him during question hour in the parliament.

Hamind Ansari, the vice president of India and chairperson of Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament, suggested minister that the old practice of bringing blankets from home was much safer. To this minister replied: it's a good suggestion.

Only relief is that the pillow covers and sheets are washed and provided fresh.

So many people often complain about why the blankets are smelling bed to coach attendant. Well, this is the answer. Clearly when railway charge fees from travelers when they book train tickets, they need to make sure that good service is provided to passengers. Otherwise, Indian railways dream of becoming world class railway will only remain a dream.

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