Today, Locals were happy. It's an important day as train between stations: Etawah and Bhind was seen running by locals after 37 years of its announcement of its running.

The run of the new train bought smiles and relief to the people of this area, which is much known for robbers. There have been plenty of prized robbers who in past lived in this rugged terrain where chambal river flows. Train will provide people safe route and security from looters and robbers.

Etawah railway station in Uttar Pradesh
passenger waits for train arrival at Etawah railway station in Uttar Pradesh

Yesteryear parliamentarian Arjun Singh Bhadoria suggested the start of railway service between these two cities some 40 years ago. But due to politics and low vote bank that political parties enjoy from this border area lying between states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, this railway project has been neglected and kept aside. Finally train has started running on this railway route.

Evening View of Bhind Railway Station
Evening View of Bhind Railway Station

The route itself is not the prettiest in the word (see the prettiest railway route in world if you are interested in it).

More information about this train, like train timetable, fare, stoppages, and reservation you can contact train enquiry and get answers to your questions regarding this train and all the other trains of Indian Railways.

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