The "Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation" i.e. IRCTC has tied up with a famous tea-coffee chain Chaayos in order to bring 25 flavors of tea to its customers. This is such a freshening development. Imagine you travelling in train, you wake up in morning and there is this uplifting smell of ginger tea entering your nose. Have you ever tasted 25 types of tea?

Chaayos - IRCTC tea service
IRCTC Chaayos - Experiment with tea

But ginger is not the only flavor of tea. There are some curious one's too. What about having a cup of these tea's - "Aam Papad Chai", "Hari Mirchi Chai", "Kullhar Chai", "Adrak Tulsi Tea", "Ginger Tea", and "Lemon tea".

All the tea's can be ordered easily from your seat. An app is being developed for this purpose.

Apart from tea IRCTC is also bringing in new offer for its customers. As per offer, if a passenger orders a meal of more than Rs 300 under e catering scheme, he will be eligible to get a 10 percent cashback.

It is good to see that IRCTC is now living up to its name with variety of services being introduced for catering people. Catering services like home made food in train have already become popular among the train passengers. For long IRCTC was just reduced to a website that is used to login for booking train tickets online.

As of now IRCTC is offering its e-catering service at 45 railway stations in India. It also supplies food in those 1516 trains which are not equipped with pantry. When passenger orders food, IRCTC get it delivered to passengers seat. In November 2015, IRCTC signed up with Food Panda (which keeps data of all food chains in India) under which variety of local meals are served to railway passengers in Kolkata. Apart from 'food panda' IRCTC has also contracts with KFC, Dominoz,  Steet Foods, Wimpy, Jan Aahar, Mio Amore, Alibaba. Cafe Lite, Hello Curry, and Ratna Cafe.

How to order these foods (including tea)?

You can go to and order any food item. You can also download the app named food on track on your smartphone and place your order. Apart from it you can call on 0120-2383892-99, 1800-1034-139, or dial 1323 from your phones.

You can see that there is plenty on your plate now. It will be interesting to see which tea takes the cake. Have a cup of tea in train and tell us which one you liked most.

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