Indian railways is all set to take complaints on twitter seriously and so as to resolve the issues within 24 hours of complaint tweeted on twitter. Speedy complaints redressal is new target of Indian railway.

South east central railway is deriving a formula to take complaints made on social media platforms, twitter and Facebook, seriously. Zonal railway has directed its divisions - Raipur, Bilaspur, and Nagpur to monitor Facebook and Twitter continuously for 24 hours and see if someone has posted something regarding railway services. For this an expert team, which has expertise in handling social media platforms, is also formed.

Post on Twitter and Facebook your railway complaints

The goal of railway is to address the complaints made by public within 25 minutes. At the moment this work is being done by railway's commercial wing. This is because this is the only department of railway which is on duty for 24 hrs, round the clock. Many people tend to send their complaints at railway enquiry number, but they don't get satisfactory answer. Actually railway enquiry is for checking pnr status, finding train between stations, arrival and departure time, route and fare and for other train queries.

People have also started using this facility. Thus far 22 complaints have been taken care of in last 3 days. On Friday, some passenger was charged Rs. 10 instead of Rs.5 for 'pay and use' service. This passenger tweeted the complaint to Zonal Manager at 1 PM afternoon. Taking note of this railway took action against 'pay and use' service manager and even imposed fine of Rs. 500 against him.

While the service seems useful, and railway is also happy to serve people, there is always a flip side to something good. One of the problems that railway is now facing is large number of fake complains being posted through twitter and Facebook. Out of all the complaints almost 99 percent have been found to be fake when railway cross checked it.

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