India has a new Railway Minister. And he is full of current. He is charged. This happened when new portfolios were announced in a major cabinet reshuffle, even as prime minister left for China for BRICS summit.

So who is this full of current new railway minister and why he is so charged up. Well, this is because the new rail minister Piyush Goyal was in charge of power too. He has replaced Suresh Prabhu who was fast loosing all the current with series of train accidents and cockroach that appeared in meals served in railway.

Piyush Goyal
Piyush Goyal after taking over troubled railway ministry

Experts feel that the change in ministers portfolio is bought keeping in mind 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and performance is not the only criteria as why few ministers are demoted from cabinet while others are promoted.

With new railway minister common people of India will look forward for better railway services. In particular citizens will hope for better railway operations, secure journey and cleanliness around railway premises and in trains.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has talked about his vision of new India. And railway, also known as lifeline of India, is a major component of that dream. Without a better, faster, and safer railway the 'New India' will remain 'Old India'. People also would like to see bullet train (one of 6 new types of trains in India) hitting the earth.

One has to say that tenure of previous railway minister Suresh Prabhu, came to a bad end. The last few days with him in office, India saw quite a few rail accidents.

Since railway is connected to common men, it has direct implications on a huge vote bank. It's time to see now whether or not, the current full of Piyush Goyal can charge up railway or not.

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