Cow is a sacred animal among hindus and there are many sayings related to it which are popular in India. These beliefes are so strong that old generations pass it on to younger generations duwing various festivals and fairs related to cows.

One of the most popular cow festival is Govardhan Pooja which is celebrated the very next day of Diwali, and in which cows, bulls, all the breeds of cows, cattle and calf, and even cow dung is worshiped, as cow is seen as a goddess or Devi in India. It is called Gau Mata ( mother cow ) with respect.

When a cow comes in your sight, it could be laughing, sitting, crying and doing some other thing. All these things, which a cow in your sight is doing, has an affect on your life.

cow in white color
laughing cow sometimes cry

When you see a cow in certain position or doing something it can have a positive or negative effect on your life depending on what exactly cow is doing.

Given below are the effects that you may experience depending on what activity a cow is doing when you see it:

Crying Cow: While travelling if you see a cow crying i.e. you see her shedding tears, it is believed that something bad may happen to you during the journey. To avoid this try to make cow laugh. You can make cow happy by feeding her green grass.

Bees on Cow: If you see thousands of bees buzzing around a cow or sitting over it than its an indication of good rain fall. In ancient times in India many farmers used to predict the monsoon rains using this method. Now suppose there is already plenty of rainfall and your region is struggling with flood, than you should try to shoo away bees sitting on cow. This will prevent more rainfall to pour down.

Mooing Cow: If while travelling you see cows mooing together than this also is a sign of plenty of problems coming your way during travel. Again the solution to this is to make cow happy. Give them fresh grass or clean drinking water to drink. Cows will laugh at  you.

Sounding Cow: If you see a cow making a sound in your left ear, especially at night, that is a wonderful sign of a success in journey. The purpose with which you are travelling will be fulfilled, 100 percent, if this happens.

Scratching Cow: If you see a cow scratching a ground with her toes, immediately go and see the doctor. It is a sign of health problems.

Excited Cow: If a travelers happens to see a cow excited to meet her calf than all the wishes will be fulfilled.

Well, this is what people still believes in . I personally don't believe in it. But it is always exciting to know what can happen when you see a cow crying or laughing.

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