To get maximum internet speed while travelling is the thing which everyone wishes for. Indian Railways is introducing high speed internet in trains for passengers so that they can browse the internet and share their travel experiences with friends comfortably.

So, if you are also someone who loves working on internet, than this article will provide you info on how to get maximum internet speed while travelling by a train. RailTel is what handles railway telecommunication and internet.

Actually Indian Railway is working on a project called "Railway High Speed Mobile Communication Corridor". Actually the main purpose of this project is to improve the operations of railway by using high communication technology. But this will also benefit the passengers.

Once established, the high speed internet corridor will provide free broadband to passengers on train routes (see one of the prettiest train routes here) which have been selected for fast internet services in India.

high speed internet in train
Dream of using high speed internet in trains is a near possibility

You will be happy to know that Indian Railways has already set up faster internet on a route of 2541 km while another 3408 km of route is where the work is being going on for few months to make it equipped with fast internet system.

When the mega highway of broadband communication will become available the passenger can browse internet fast, download files at high speed, and can even request on demand videos on the go.

That's exciting, Isn't it?

This project will also help railway to reduce the accidents. With this facility in place, the railway employees can communicate faster to station masters, loco pilots, linemen and gate men about anything which may be wrong with railway tracks or signalling system. This information will provide timely information so that needed action can be taken before any mishap may occur.

Railway ministry has hired an external company to make a communication corridor. Total expenditure on this project is expected to be around Rs 5000 crore.

At present Railway uses GSM-R network, a wireless system for train operation. Using this system driver and controller decide train route. Now railway is establishing a new system LTE-R (Long Term Evolution - Railways) to replace the older GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication - Railways) for railway signalling and telecommunication.

The faster communication via internet is primary need of common men today. And the new broadband of railway will help fulfilling this need of people traveling by train.

Already there are many stations at which Google has provided internet service, In many new trains, like recently introduced Tejas Express (see 6 new types of trains in India), WiFi facility is provided to passengers.

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