Loosing weight is so simple. Literally you can reduce weight now if you do these things before you sleep. It doesn't require any complicated exercise or diet control. Nor any medicine. You just have take note of these powerful weight-loss tips to melt away the excess fat in your body.

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Here are easy weight loss tips:

Drink Milk: This might surprise you. Many of you avoid milk thinking it will add to your weight. But if you can boil the milk, and take away the fat in it (which comes up while boiling) and drink half a glass of it just before you retire to sleep at night, it can contribute magically towards faster weight loss. The protein and calcium in it strengthens digestive system. The proper digestion helps in getting good deep sleep. Deep sleep is directly related to reduced weight.

Use Black Pepper in Dinner: Practice sprinkling black pepper over salad and veggies in dinner. Black pepper has magical fat burning properties. It is also capable of accelerating metabolic rate. All these in combination decrease extra fat in body.

Use Curd: First of all, all of you who feel pain in the body must not use this method for reducing your weight. Those who have painless body can take a 1/4 cup of curd (not to be too sour) during night. The proteins in curd help building muscles. Muscular body itself is resistant to increase in weight. This is not the most recommended tip. But you can use it.

Walk: Yes, the good old walking still works. These days people are so busy with television and mobile, and some even eat while watching TV, that they forget to take a walk after food. A light walk at night after dinner should be a regular part of your lifestyle. It helps settle down food in stomach and help in proper digestion and assimilation of food.

Yoga: This is another surprising weight loss tip. Usually yoga is associated with morning exercises. But there are few postures that can be done at night too. Shavasana  is one such yoga posture. To do this just lie down on hard surface with back on the surface. And just watch your breath. It reduces stress, helps clearing toxic chemicals from body, paving way to sound sleep. Reduction of harmful chemicals and tension also helps you increase your body's tolerance towards diabetes and increase in weight.

yoga ramdev
swami ramdev doing shavasana to reduce weight at night

Massage: Take lukewarm mustard oil and massage your legs, hands, and back. Also rub both your palms against each other. It will increase blood circulation in your body resulting in increase in body temperature permanently. The body will keep warm while you sleep. All this while the fat will be melting away. When you wake up in the morning you for yourself would see that your body is feeling light and energetic.

We hope you will benefit from these tips. A slimmer and energetic body will help your confidence and will help you take on day to day tasks with more energy and happiness.

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