Ganpati Festival is about to be celebrated from coming Ganesh Chaturthi this year. To establish ganpati idol at home is considered to be an auspicious event, for it brings peace, prosperity, and happiness.

In auspicious Indian mythology book - ganesh purana is is written that:

The worshipper of Soil Ganesh will get multi fold returns - Ganesh Purana
Over the years few people have raised questions against the practice of ganpati visarjan (submersion of ganesh idol in river or sea). They make a point that the chemical and material which is used in making of ganesha idol is not eco friendly. It causes harm to environment and is not good for health of water beings.

sri ganesha
sri ganpati darshan - moti dungri

To address to their concern we are introducing eco friendly ganesha idol, who we name "Soil Ka Raja". Believe us that he is completely eco-friendly and brings 1000 percent peace and prosperity.

Best thing is that this ganesh idol is free. Absolutely free for you. In fact you will be making it yourself.

How to make it?

Well, ask your kids to bring some mud from the nearby park or ground. You can also get it from the plant pots in your house. Make sure that the mud is not much wet. It should be like a semi solid. Like flour of roti.

Now involve your children in this. They will love it. Ask them to make small balls of wet mud. After that shape the mud balls into legs, hands, head, and face of lord ganesha. Don't forget the trunk. That is very very important. Join the pieces and keep them into sun to dry for about 5 hours. You can make it more vibrant by using flowers. Use eco friendly water colors (not chemical colors). Ask your children to paint the ganesha murti with those colors.

Your 'Soil Ka Raja' is now ready.

This way we will not only save our environment (water reserves and other sources of water) but will also be able to educate our children about the festival as well as need to save our environment.

Surely  Ganesh Ji will be happy with this act of ours. Let's all pledge towards ecofriendly ganpati this season.

Accept the greetings from our side and enjoy.

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