Fennel (also known as Sonf in Hindi) is a miraculous brain power booster. Many people use it as a mouth freshener, but not many people know that it has ability to increase your remembering capability and has other powerful health benefits too.

On the surface fennel seems like a normal spice. But don't go by the looks. This seed is stuffed with memory enhancing minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and potassium. This also makes it a useful ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicine.

fennel seeds memory booster

Now you'll see how to use fennel for instant boost in brain power. Here is what you should do to make your brain run like Usain Bolt:

Crush fennel seeds with Mishri (sugar candy) and Almonds and take a pinch of this mixture after breakfast or dinner with half a cup of cow milk. Take a table spoon of fennel seeds and roast it in pan. Use it after meals. The fiber in it will improve your digestion too. This will have direct effect on the strength of your brain.

So now you know the answer of the question: "How to increase my brain power quickly? "

There are other secret health benefits of fennel which we are revealing here as a bonus for you. Best part is that you can do the remedies explained here yourself at home:

  • In case of physical and mental weakness, take a powder of fennel seeds with rose water couple of times every day.
  • Eating fennel in morning and evening with clean water can make your skin glow. So all those who want to make a career in modelling should make it a habit of eating fennel.
  • If you are struggling with cough and cold, here is a powerful home remedy. Boil a spoon full of fennel in water and add two spoons of honey into it. Drinking it will bring you instant relief.
  • To cure Diarrhea take a spoon of fennel and mix it with 2 spoons pulp of wood apple (known as Bel in Hindi). Chew it before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning.
  • If you want to bring shine into your eyes and more importantly improve vision power, again fennel is your friend. Make a powder of it and soak it into clean water. Drink it first up, empty stomach, at the time of dawn (hour before sunrise).
  • The anti bacterial elements present in fennel kill bacteria in your mouth. All those who want to get rid of bed smell, keep chewing this amazing fennel.
  • If your are struggling pimples or acne pain, boil a 4 spoons of fennel in water. Now allow it to cool down. Make a paste of boiled seed and apply it as a face mask. Wait for 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water. Your pain would have disappeared in a jiffy.
  • For mouth ulcer or blisters in mouth, again boil 10 spoons of fennel seeds and add a pinch f roasted alum (fitkari in hindi) into it. Now add it into rose water and gargle.
Thus you can see that fennel has enormous health benefits. In particular it is good for children, especially students appearing in competitive exams where increase brain power and memory can be the difference between passing or failing the exams and interviews. If used as per above guidelines it works as good as a brain tonic. You shall see yourself that your problem of forgetting things (not able to remember) will be gone forever. You will end up with sharp memory and powerful brain.

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