There are many websites that can help you from booking railway and air tickets to buying a house. We are telling 10 websites that can help every Indian make their life easy.

useful websites for Indians

Top 10 Websites for Indian Citizens

1. Passport Seva

On passport seva website you can apply for making new passport. This is Govt of India website and you don't have to spend extra money to get a new passport. Passport is a certificate required to leave your country.


On IRCTC website one can book train tickets online. This is a user friendly website of Indian Railways. On this website you can find all the important railway information, from train number to pnr status of your ticket.

3. RedBus

If you are planning to travel somewhere and you are not getting confirmed railway tickets, you can login to and book a bus ticket within seconds.

4. Book My Show

On this site Indians can not only book movie tickets but can also remain updated with latest events, plays, and other latest entertainment stuff from world of Bollywood and Hollywood.

5. Job Sites and are two of the useful websites for job search. You can upload your resume for free on these two job search engines. Everyday thousand of new jobs are posted on these sites. You can apply directly from the portal. Apart from job search they also help you prepare for interviews and making professional resume.

6. Real Estate Websites

For property their are many useful sites like,, and where you can buy and sell your property. You have to just upload the information about the property you are interested in on the site and within few hours many potential buyers and sellers will be contacting you. This makes finding and buying a new home easy too.

7. Cricinfo

We Indians love the game of cricket. It is like a religion in India. Cricinfo is one of the best website for real time score updates and latest news on cricket. It also has many articles publsihed from greats of the game who have played cricket at highest level that can help you enhance your cricketing knowledge.


If you are planning air travel you can book your flight by going to makemytrip flight section. Not only you can find best flight to reach your destination you also get benefit of discount on every booking with coupons. This is probably one of the best sites for airbus ticket booking in India.

9. Market Place websites

To make it easy to buy and sell things online you can use site. Here there are many people who are interested in buying and selling second hand items. You just have to login and upload the picture of used item and furnish basic details about it, like its date of purchase, how much you have used it, what is present condition of item etc. You will be able to sell your item from home. Also sometime you can get expensive items at cheap rate here.


The site money is for those people who have interest in finance and share market. Those who want to make money by investing in stocks can login to it to get all the latest news, charts, reports, and technical analysis which helps in picking best stocks for maximum returns in long and short time. This is one of the favorite website's of traders in India as they get expert reviews on stocks listed in and stock exchange of india.

We are confident that you'll find all the above mentioned site really helpful and useful. We also recommend you to share these with your followers and friends in order to make their life easy too.

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