Believe it or not, the mystical powers of river ganges were on view yet again when a train running from Delhi to Faizabad got derailed just before it was about to dive into ganges. The holy bath was avoided just in time and many people were saved by the grace of god.

Train no 14206 Delhi-Faizabad express got derailed between Garh Mukteshwar and Bajraghat with 7 bogies of it derailing from the track. Almost 100 passengers got injured in the train accident. Later locals helped them to reach nearby hospitals for medical attendance. People were also seen calling at railway enquiry numbers to get some assistance.

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Mammoth! Railway cum road bridge over River Ganges

The location where the derailment of train happened was a 1 Km distance away from holy Ganga river. All the trains on this railway route pass over the railway bridge made on ganges river. Locals are saying that if accident had taken place a little bit ahead of the accident's location it is quite possible that whole train might have taken a dip into Ganges.

On a lighter note, a man with a fractured leg told us that he is feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole situation. He had a valid reason behind such feelings. Actually, in India it is believed if you bath in holy Ganges or ganga river all your sins are washed away and you get a new happy life. But it is also believed that those who have committed heinous crimes and who the god himself earmark as top class criminals and hence who cannot be pardoned are not allowed by Ganges on direction of God to take bath in it. This man obviously thinks that in his past live he and all the other passengers must have been among the most wanted criminals of the world.

A passenger named Bipasha Basu (she is not the Bipasha Basu  of bollywood whose hot photos of marriage are in demand) told that at around 9.15 PM when all people just finished their dinner and were about to go to sleep, all of a sudden their ears were rocked with a loud sound which sounded like "Dhad-Dhad" and before anyone could understand anything everything went upside down. After that what she could see was chaos and panic all over the place. Many people broke down the glasses of emergency windows and jumped out. Since it was night it was very dark and nothing was visible.

The place where people were jumping out was just a few 1000 meter away from the Ganges railway bridge. If the accident happened after some time, it is possible that all the people would have jumped into the river Ganges.

Many women also reported that few local man took advantage of dark and took away their valuables.

All in all it seems good that Ganges stopped train from bathing into it and it saved their life. Many people later sung ganga aarti (prayer) and chanted mantras to thank the river.

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