There have been air bus size airplanes in India and booking is being done from long time now, but nothing seem to have created as much craze as this new airbus in India. The tickets are always available, even now flight tickets are available, in this airbus. Everyone wishes that the first flight they take must be in this aeroplane.

Click on this image to get amazing details about this airbus.

The best thing about this air flying machine is that it can fly with flashing lights and sounds. The sound of this airplane in flight is different from any other airplane. The lights are extraordinary too. Kids specially love it.

The 224 gram Green Dee Boeing 747-300 runs on smooth surfaces and can change direction quite efficiently. The light weight means that this airplane is easy to carry. While it can be a perfect gift for your kid, it looks beautiful too when placed upon a shelf in your drawing room. The guests are have their eyes widening when they see this airbus.

It is made up of ABS plastic and requires 3 AA batteries to operate. These are not included when you buy it. It automatically changes direction when it bumps into something. It never causes any serious damage to anybody. This is why kids love it. It is a musical toy running around on the surface.

Kids have huge attraction for airplanes. But they cannot get their thing, or touch it, because it flies too high in the sky. They imagine that one day they would be able to sit into it. Sometimes they fantasize sitting over it and throwing chocolates from above.

Some bigger kids imagine even more. They think about the time when they will be travelling alongside a famous actor or actress and sharing a juice during the flight. Everybody loves helicopters and aeroplanes.

Now its your turn to fulfill the desire of your kid. Bring him this famous airbus. The same airbus for which people are going crazy in India. Tickets are always available in this plane. You should watch your size though and decide if you can fit into it.

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