The point of focus of this article is "First Flight". Just like many people aren't aware of first flight couriers, many people also aren't aware of the significance of first flight's in their lives. Of all the flights which are scheduled to take off on a particular day, the first one is the most important one. If somehow you are able to catch it, you'll be well ahead of others in your life. You'll deliver the fastest and the best service to your customers or performance in your office.

a flight first up in the morning

There is a saying -"Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a men healthy, wealthy, and wise,"- it's true. But real wise men, the most intelligent among the early birds, never miss out on a first flight available. This is because they know the importance of the time. The earlier you reach your working destination, more time you'll have to plan things properly for the rest of the day, which will definitely aid you to make a good start. And all that starts well, ends well - you know!

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By reaching early, early in the day, you are likely to find less rush on the roads. So almost no chance of traffic jams, and there is health benefit too in terms of lack of pollution caused by diesel run automobiles - like buses and trucks that are well over millions in cities like New Delhi, Kolkata. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and other metropolitan cities of India.

The best thing is when you go to a place in early hours of the morning, you get the real local essence. The early morning activities are the small trailer of what a city is all about. If you see many people jogging around, exercising, reading news paper, you can be very much confident that inhabitants of the city are conscious about their health and wealth. They know what is important for their life, and what is not.

On the other hand if you see people fighting with each other, are sleeping till 10 am, or you see they are on their bikes and cars and not on legs, you can conclude that it's a city of lazy people, not at all concerned about their health, and are likely to get angry very quickly.

There is another benefit of first flight. The tickets of the flights that are scheduled first are usually cheaper than those who take off later - specially in India. This is because the flight owners in India are very religious men, who don't like to charge more from people than what is right, especially first up in the day. By doing so they will do a sin. After that they think they are closer to God and god will forgive rest of their sins, so they charge more for second, third, and other flights.

Now if you think it is difficult for you to catch the first airline of the day and you find it extremely difficult to ensure not to miss it, and you don't know what to do, then there is a secret. The secret is - put up your clock on alarm mode. Set the alarm to 3 am and the choose the sound you hate most as the tone of alarm. Rest assured, you'll never ever miss the first flight in your life. The tickets are always easily available since many people like to sleep more than to wake up in the dawn to go to airport and tie up their seat belts.

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