Every time you travel by train in India, you take utmost care about your valuables and especially luggage. Cases of luggage theft are quite common and many passengers have suffered losses, especially during holiday season when rush in trains and platforms is at all time high.  

Passengers travel in trains with their high quality travel bags (like VIP travel bags and popular travel bags of Duffel).

Suitcases and travel bags are the most stolen items in passenger trains in India. People worry less about ever increasing indian railway luggage rates then the items that together make their entire luggage.

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But now passengers won't have to worry about their baggage being stolen.  In fact passengers can happily let thieves runaway with your baggage. This is because IRCTC, the online train ticket service provider in India, is contemplating offering "baggage insurance" plan to its customers.

It is a sort of travel insurance where insurer (passenger in this case)) can make a claim against theft of his luggage during train travel. Insurance will also cover items like mobile phones and laptops. In future on travel hospitalization may also be included in the policy.

The insurance plan is being finalized at the moment with New India Assurance company, as per news. IRCTC also has an eye on big revenue that they will be able to generate once they have their insurance plan in force, This is because everyday around 20 lac passengers travel by train in India and out of which  almost 52 percent choose to do railway reservation using irctc online ticket booking service,

As per policy, the insurance can be availed by the traveler at the time of online train ticket booking. It will be optional. It means it is entirely up to the traveler if he wants to avail the travel insurance during the train journey or travel uncovered, The premium payable will depend upon the length of journey and class of travel.

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