Indian Railway ticket booking site has increased its speed by 7 times and it allows users to book 15000 train tickets in 1 minute. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has also tested its server's security in order to make it more hack proof and to stop automatic login via tatkal booking software.

IRCTC login with captcha for booking train tickets online
IRCTC login page (secured with Captcha)

In order to prevent unauthorized tatkal ticket booking by a third party software, IRCTC has integrated a 35 second waiting period in its railway reservation system. Now each user has to wait for a minimum period of 35 seconds after he logs into his IRCTC account in order to initiate a new ticket booking process. This means that even if one uses fast tatkal ticket booking tricks (see new tatkal booking timings), including irctc autofill in order to boost up the booking of rail tickets, a ticket will be booked only after minimum 35 seconds of time has elapsed after login is done.

Ministry of railways has claimed that new security features will help curb black marketing of train tickets through IRCTC next generation site -

IRCTC has also incorporated 5 new servers to increase the capacity of its railway reservation system in order to server more users. The memory ( or bandwidth) of server is now 12 TB which enable 1,20,000 users to login simultaneously.

Following changes have been introduced in order to boost up security:

  • For booking and online payment gateway, One Time Password (OTP) will be mandatory.
  • A Captcha code will be required to key in  before submitting online reservation forms for each booking. This will prevent automatic ticket booking.
  • Captcha is introduced at login, reservation, and payment page of
  • From 1 account, maximum of only two tickets will be allowed to get booked using the same ID.
  • Maximum of 10 tickets can be booked using same ID within a month.
  • OTP is mandatory for all banks in case of netbanking payment.
For simple tutorial on how to book train tickets on IRCTC, go to this irctc online ticket booking page.

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