Recently IRCTC added 5 new servers that provide fast IRCTC login and to do booking of railway tickets in large numbers per minute. This means individuals who have IRCTC registration ID can login and do ticket booking in less time as the power of new servers working in parallel has boosted the performance of, site for online railway reservation in India.

As per news in Indian Express titled: "IRCTC to install five more servers to strengthen its e-ticketing system," the addition of 5 more servers will increase the capability of IRCTC to handle number of concurrent users from 180,000 at present to 300,000.

IRCTC 5 servers
New IRCTC servers for fast ticket booking

These servers are of type HP Itanium and will streamline the upgraded passenger reservation system (PRS) popularly known as Next Generation E-Ticketing System (NGET). Earlier there were only 5 servers, with 5 more servers, the total number of server goes up to 10. This means all the requests for ticket booking will now be handled by 10 servers in total. Basically when a user makes a request, instead of making him wait, the request will be forwarded to the server which is least busy at that time. This way no user will be left waiting in a queue (unless of course the number of users exceeds the capacity of servers to handle them) to get served.

Railway users can expect to see faster response times and first class online experience while booking railway tickets in coming days. Users using mobile apps, like IRCTC connect, will definitely benefit from it.

It is clear that IRCTC is concerned about heavy criticism that its electronic ticket booking system faces due to its slow speed and tendency to crash at peak hours. To further improve the user experience and to keep the online ticket booking time to minimum, IRCTC has also planned to increase the network bandwidth from 1.4 GB to 1.7 GB. The move is important and is expected to handle the heavy rush of online customer at peak hours, especially during tatkal booking hours. Recently IRCTC also bough about certain changes in tatkal booking timings and rules to make it easy for all concerns to book tatkal tickets easily.

The online ticket booking service in India was introduces way back in 2002 by IRCTC,  a Public Sector Undertaking of Indian Railways, and it has seen a tremendous increase in terms of its usage wit around 54 percent of railway users preferring online ticket booking system over counter reservation to buy railway tickets.

While the new servers are expected to speedup the ticket booking process there are other tricks that you can use to further save time while booking tickets. To know more, read tricks for booking train tickets faster on IRCTC.

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