In the railway budget announced last year two new trains were granted to south east central zone (SCER) of railway. Both the trains were to start from Bilaspur station much earlier, but not yet have commenced due to one reason or the other.

The running of Bilaspur-Bhagat Ki Kothi and Bilaspur-Bikaner passenger trains have been delayed due to lack of coaches and generator van. Only temporarily these two trains have run on tracks between the stations after the budget announcement. Now railway officers have decided to give the trains a green signal albeit with less coaches then what is required to form a complete train. Meanwhile the generator has been arranged.

Bilaspur Railway Station Junction
Bilaspur Junction
It is believed that the trains will start running regularly from May 26, 2015 onward. The chief safety commissioner of railway at kolkata has also issued clearance certificate to the zonal railway so that they can go ahead and run the train. It is clear that due to lack of railway equipment needed to run the train smoothly railway wasn't risking running these trains earlier.

bhagat ki kothi railway
train with LHB type coaches arrive at bhagat ki kothi railway station
It is interesting to know that the Bilaspur-Bhagat Ki Kothi and Bilaspur-Bikaner express is required to have bogies or coaches of LHB type. Railway got the required number of LHB coaches for sleeper and AC travel class. But general class coaches have not yet delivered to railway. The SCER officials have written a letter to Liluah railway workshop located at Howrah for the quick delivery of coaches. But coaches aren't available and hence SCER will run the train with less number of coaches.

view of Bikaner junction railway station at night
attractive entrance of Bikaner junction railway station at night

After getting requisite coaches and generator, the trains will run two days a week. At present trains are making one trip only. Actually 7 generators were demanded by the railway zone responsible for the running of these important trains. So far only 6 have been delivered. Although a train can run with 6 generators only, 1 extra is kept so that if any generator goes off it can be replaced by the standby generator and train can proceed to its destination. By the next week the railway board has promised delivery of extra generator to SCER.

It is not as straight forward as it seems to increase the number of running days of a train. When it is decided to increase the trips that a train makes, railway has to do a lot of extra work related to it. For example, necessary changes in railway ticket booking software has to be made by CRIS (Center for Railway Information Systems) in order to make booking available on added days. Also schedule and timetable of other trains on the route is adjusted, if required, in order to accommodate the new train.

Talking about accommodation (see irctc seat availability) the trains will run with 18 coaches only. Six more coaches have been demanded.

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