On homepage of 'irctc.co.in' you see a rectangular box. This is also known as 'irctc login box'. Using this box one can initiate booking (Indian Railway) tickets. One can also buy Mumbai suburban season ticket, signup, recover password, and even agents can of IRCTC can use it. The 'IRCTC login' box is shown below.

This box allows you to do irctc login.

irctc login page

Users can locate this box easily. It is situated just at the right of "Alerts and Updates" and to the left of "IRCTC Attractions" boxes on "IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System".

IRCTC Login Box Elements

There are various elements, including fields, links, and a button, that combine to form login box of IRCTC. All these elemets are contained in a html form.  These are discussed below:

User ID: It is username or user id which user chose at the time of registration. It is maximum 10 characters in length and may include symbols, numbers, underscore character.

Password: Default password is provided to user after the registration. User can change it after first time login.

Captcha: This is used to check if the user trying to login is human or not. It is a verification check. In this user needs to type in exactly the same characters as they are shown in captcha image. These letters are case sensitive.

Request OTP: If a user forgets his password and want to login without having to go through the entire process of resetting the password, he can check this box to request OTP (One Time Password ) on his mobile. User can then enter his user id and received password to login.

Forgot Password: This is a link which when click initiates a process of password recovery or resetting. Users who don't remember their passwords any longer and don't want to use OTP, use this option. Read how to reset forgot password of irctc for complete details.

Sign up: This is a link which is used by new users to create their account. If you are a new user and want to register you should go to online irctc registration for new users.

Agent Login: This link is used by agents of IRCTC and railway to utilize online ticket booking services to book tickets for their customers. Your browser must have SSL client certificate installed in order to properly render the agent login page.

Mumbai Suburban Season Ticket: Users who are interested in booking mumbai local tickets online can do so by using this link. User can even track their tickets.

Curved arrow: The blue color curved arrow that you see just adjacent to captcha text is actually a link that can be used to get new captcha letters. This is used in case users find it hard to read the displayed letters.

So that's it, Now you know everything about the IRCTC login box. Enjoy!

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