How to create Facebook account? Anyone new looking to sign up on Facebook can use the information on this page to make Facebook profile. Step by step instructions along with pictures and screenshots to create account on Facebook to login and connect with friends.

Facebook is an online social networking service and you can easily follow latest updates about IRCTC and railway on our Facebook page - this, and also share the latest information with your friends and other people in your network. We update our facebook page often to alert users about new trains and any change in fare or railway reservation rules. People also post their queries and we can easily answer them. Clearly  if you are not yet using Facebook, you are missing big time on latest information, related to not only railway, tourism, travel, but just about anything else. But to use it you should have account first. After creating account you can use your username and password to login and do plenty of things (which we will talk about later).

Facebook Account - How to create it

Creating account on Facebook is free and owner Mark Zuckerberg promises that it will always be free. With that in mind,  follow the steps below to create new Facebook Account:

Step 1. Go to Facebook Sign Up Page: and fill up "Sign Up" details. It is so simple. You just need to enter your first name, last name, email or mobile number (will be verified and later used whenever you need to reset your password in case you forget it), and new password ( best thing is you don't have to confirm it). Also don't forget to provide your Birthday Date, and Gender information. Don't worry, you age won't be shown to anyone if you don't want it to be shown.
Birthday information helps make sure you get the right Facebook experience for your age as per data policy.

facebook create account form
form for new facebook sign up
After you enter all details you can click "Sign Up" button directly, but it is recommended that you go through facebook terms and conditions which governs Facebook's relationship with users and others who interact with it, before doing so.

Step-2 Find Your Friends: Your new Facebook  account is already ready and you can start using it straightaway. But what will you do? Remember it is a social interaction platform. You need someone to interact with, to talk to, to express your feelings. Without friends, it is like rainbow without 7 colors. Facebook knows it, and thus to kick start you it extends helping hand you in order find the people you know who have already created profile on Facebook. It first prompts you to search for people who you have in your email account's contact list. You can also enter you other email addresses too - yahoo, rediff, gmail etc.

find friends by email on facebook
find friends by email on facebook at the time of creating new user account
Most people will find up to 20 friends using this step, unless they like to live in complete isolation. If you are one of those lonely men, living in wilderness, you can skip this step.

skip facebook
skip finding friends
Step-3 Give yourself a face: Now its time to upload a nice photograph of you or anything that can be used to easily identify you, by editing your profile. You can either upload a photograph from you computer folder or even take it online using webcam in your computer.

facebook profile picture
upload profile picture on facebook
To upload a picture, click on "Add Picture" button to open file explorer on your computer. Then choose any picture file and click on "Open".

Step-4 Search for People whose email you don't know: In one of the steps above facebook helped you finding your friends using email contacts. But what if you don't have email address of someone. In fact, it is possible that the boy or girl you love most, you don't have their email address. How can you contact them and add them in your friends list? This is where facebook provide "Find People You May Know" search feature. Here you can type in little detail about them - like email, where they worked in past, or from which city they come from, where they studied etc., and search for them. Rest assured if they have an account on Facebook,you will find them.

How to find people whose email don't know
find coworkers and classmates on facebook
Step-5 Confirm your email address: To continue further go to your registered email account, the one you provided while making new account on Facebook, Your sign up process won't be completed without confirming your email. In your inbox you'll receive a new mail having option to "Confirm Your Account". There will be confirmation code too, note it. You might be prompted later to provide it.
facebook confirm email message
confirmation email from facebook
That's it. Your new Facebook account is created. It is up and running.You can also now do things like create pages, create or join groups that feel interesting to you. Don't forget to like our page. Just type in "IRCTC Login India" in facebook search box, you'll see our page. Like it. 

There are millions of pages and groups on variety of topics. Also look carefully at fcebook friend suggestions. You might just find a missing friend.

Facebook Login

Do you really want to know how to login? If you have logged out after registration and don't know how to login on facebook again. Go to, enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your login details click here to recover your account.

Actually you should again check your email account. You must have got "Welcome to Facebook" message from which will greet you with the following message
Your account has been created — now it will be easier than ever to share and connect with your friends.

Inside the email use the edit profile link to describe personal interests, contact information, and affiliations which will help people find you easily.

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