You will learn here how to search and purchase a product at discounted price at Amazon India, and finally how to make payment for purchased items when they are delivered at your home (doorstep) in a step by step manner practically (with pictures and screenshots).

Amazon is a popular online shopping marketplace. Earlier it was difficult to buy at from India because of shipping problems. Now with - an online shopping site for Indian consumers, it easy to buy any product from India. Still many people don't know how to buy products online.

Shopping on Amazon India

Are you ready? We are going to buy a product here. It's easy. Just follow along, you'll learn practically how to buy a product online from start to finish, and that too at discount (wherever possible).

Step-1.  Imagine product you want to buy: Think about what product you want to buy. If possible write it on a paper.

Step-2. Go to Now click on Shop at to go to Amazon India shopping (Site will open in new window so that you can easily follow instructions here).

Step-3. Find Product: In search box, type whatever product you want to buy. For discounts you can suffix your item "with discounts". For example, we have typed "Mobile Phones with discounts". You can also type "Mobile phone below Rs. 10000" etc.  Click on "Go".

search for products at
search for products at
Step-4. Select Product: From listed products, carefully select the product you wish to purchase.  See the "you save:" written on each products description. This is the discount you are getting. Also "Free delivery. Eligible for cash on delivery" means that there will be no shipping charges and you can make payment upon receiving product at home.

choose products eligible for free cash on delivery

Step-5: Add to Cart: You should now be on product detail page. Here you can read more about the product. You'll also see customer reviews on the product at the bottom of the page. This will help you make better decision about buying product. On the right hand side you shall see "Add to Cart" button. Click it to add product to your shopping cart. You can keep the product in cart to buy it later. You don't have to purchase it now. But remember that you might loose discounts later.

add product to cart to buy later
Adding products to cart also allow you to add more items and then make payment at once. If you wish you can "Buy Now".

Step-6. Proceed to Checkout: You shall see "item added to your cart" message.

added item to shopping cart
added item to shopping cart
From here you can either delete item from cart, you can increase quantity of product, or save it for later. But in most cases you won't need to do all this. 

Click on "Proceed to checkout" button.

Step-7. Create New Account: Now amazon will ask you if you are a new customer of returning customer. If you are returning customer you'll have a password already. If you care a new customer, like we are, we will choose "I am a new customer" and enter email address. Click on "Sign in using our secure server".

Enter you name, mobile phone (optional), email address (again) and password twice. Click on "create account" button.

Step-8. Provide Shipping Address: Enter the address at which you wish amazon to deliver product by courier.

amazon shipping address
shipping address amazon
Make sure to select "yes" (or appropriate option) on "Is this address also your invoice address". Click on "continue".

Step-8. How early you want your product: Choose delivery speed. In how many days you want to get product deliver at home. You can get it within 2-3 days (free delivery) or faster (at additional 49 INR charges). Now, continue.

Step-9.  Payment: Choose payment option. If you have credit/debit card or internet banking, you can choose them. We want to buy without credit card and want to pay at home, so we'll choose the last option "COD" (Cash on Delivery.) Click on continue.

Step-10. Place Order: Now place your order. Here you can also mention coupon code (in case you have one). Coupons are distributed by other e-commerce sites when you purchase items or use their services, like when you recharge your digital TV. This enables you to get more discount.

place your order at amazon India
place your order
That's it. You have successfully leaned how to purchase a product i.e. do online shopping on Amazon India with discount. For more discounts you can also look at our amazing deal of the day.

Don't forget to bookmark this page for quick reference (guide) anytime you wish to buy new products on

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