Gorakhpur: The seat no 63 in coach S1 won't be able for railway reservation! Surprised?

Indian Railway is on the mission to deliver high class security to passengers. After deciding to deploy armed personnel in plan clothes in trains the GRP (Government Railway Police) has taken a welcome step where the FIR can be lodged by any passenger inside the train. To register an FIR in the running train, a police personnel (escort) will be available on seat no. 63 of S1 coach in every train.

namrita shrivastava CO GRP gorakhpur
CO GRP - Namrita Shrivastava briefing policemen
on how to register FIR (First Information Report) inside
a running train.
A complaint book is given to each GRP personnel. This book having 3 copies of complaint receipts, each of different colors, will be used to register a written complaint. The first copy of white color will need to be deposited at home station of escort personnel. The second copy of light pink color will be given to complainant, while the third copy of light green color will be deposited by the escort member on the next station where a train halts for sufficient time.

This procedure would allow registration of FIR in running train without the risk of escort missing the train.

Passengers can also use the following telephone numbers to register FIR's - 9454402544, 0522-2288103, 2288104, 2288105. Police will attend the complainer at the next station.

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