There is plenty of excitement among the users about the launch of new official IRCTC android app. It is a really good application for online ticket booking using mobile phones, and if you haven't seen it yet, you can download it and see how good it is. For download details read irctc mobile apps post.

While the new application is appreciated by many users, not everything is good about it. The app is too keen to access other files stored in the memory of your phone. In particular it is interested in accessing the stored photos and videos i.e. media files. Have a look screen shot of irctc connect application at the time of installation, and see that it is asking for permission to access photos.

irctc android app
Different users have different things to say about this. As you would guess many people don't like the feature. A couple from New Delhi were annoyed when the app automatically shared their private photos to outside world. They were bed room pics, and something that should never have been shared.

Similarly, a shy guy who thus far presented himself to be the one not too much interested in girls, and ladies, was shell shocked when his father picked up his phone, to book train tickets, and the app suddenly mined out a photo from inside the password protected folder where the so called shy guy was seen in compromising position with a grown up lady. Worst part is that, that as soon as the phone was opened the app automatically shared the content on connected social media accounts, on twitter,Facebook, and Instagram.

This could all be faking news, but still one is nothing short of being terrified when the new apps, that are developed to make things easy for the user, start to make their life difficult.
One could have understood if a phone would try to access the stored pnr number inside the message sent from irctc after reservation to automatically update the user about the latest status of the reservation. But why photos are being accessed. Can anyone explain?

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