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The travel planner of irctc is a great new visual way to plan your trips and get great ideas on how to go, where to stay, what to see and more. You can plan your travel from any town in India to another and see distance, driving directions, modes of transport, and destination information. Irctc's travel planner will help you plan a trip with combinations of flights, trains, buses, cars, taxis and will also give you advice on route-planning, route maps and destinations nearby to the place you are planning a trip to. If you are looking for a tour planner, journey planner or travel information for planning a perfect trip , irtc Trip Planner is your best bet !

make my trip
irctc make my trip planning tool to plan the travel

Many users of Irctc already familiar with 'plan my travel' tool. Strange to say that even after so many years online, the '' users think that the online travel planning is only available in case of trains. Many still don't know that they can plan for their flights, hotels, and even local cabs.

The journey planning phase generally comes after the registered user does irctc login and authenticates itself. The detailed information is then entered by the user about the journey. In case of train and flight ticket booking, the planning stage would involve entering source and destination stations, as well as class of travel in which one wishes to travel. The date of journey is also entered in this phase, If a user submits correct username and password to the authentication system, he or she, automatically gets transferred to irctc plan my travel page.

Planning the journey well in advance can save time and make the trip easier to manage. One can book tickets for one way, two way, or just a return ticket, in a single step. This is very useful for regular travelers who like to book tickets online to make their trip.

In order to make the trip planning easy, irctc asks information from users in a step by step manner. This makes is extremely easy for even the occasional user to set up the tour.

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