We are all excited with commencement of bullet train, a type of high speed superfast train in India. The work is under progress at speed of light (299 792 458 m / s), well not quite that fast but fast enough, and probably in next 4-8 years, depending on how many hinderances are there on the way to clear off, we will surely be fastening belts across our stomach and shoulders inside first bullet train in India. With speed comes the risk too.

bullet train sabarmati railway station gujarat india
glimpse of bullet train construction at Sabarmati railway station in Gujarat India

There have been few accidents in past in Japan and China and therefore the safety measures to be put into such high speed train commute systems need special attention. 

You will be extremely happy and feel secure to know that the bullet train in India will accompany world class safety measures to ensue that you life is as safe as money in bank's locker.

We are going to give you information about those here.

Bullet Train Safety Measures in India

Automatic Rail Track Fracture Detection

Many trains get derailed due to fault  in railway tracks. While railway do ensure that tracks are in solid and best condition, as you would have noticed by watching line men patrolling the tracks nearby, mishaps do occur.

In bad weather and tough zones (dense forests) etc. its not always possible to keep track of well being of railway tracks. This is where we need automatic rail track fracture detection system.

This system automatically detects when railway track gets broken, or some component, like fish plate is loose or stolen away ( people tend to steal these parts and sell it in iron market).

This system works on electrical circuit. When all is well circuit is complete, on the other hand when circuit is open it means track is broken. The system signals this to control room automatically in real time along with location of break, and thus railway staff can quickly take action to repair the track and avoid any potential mishap.

Fire Rated Sliding Doors

Each bogie of Indian bullet train will be occupied with fire rated sliding doors to protect people and coaches from fire burn in case fire breaks out.

This system automatically decouples other coaches from the one that has caught fire and thus saves life and property.

Apart from this fire alarms wil also be installed along with fire extinguishers in each coach.

The length of bullet train track in India is 508 kms and it requires all the safety measures that are available. You will agree with that "Speed cannot be traded off with lives of people."

Larsen and Toubro (LNT) recently got the contract for construction of 46 percent of the 237 km between Vadodara-Surat-Vapi of C-4 package of the project 88 km between Vadodara to Ahmedabad.  The contract for construction of the project under C-6 package has also been awarded to L&T.

By combining the C4 and C6 packages, this project has now become the largest infra project in the country. An under sea tunnel is also being constructed in Mumbai for smooth operation of bullet train.

Under C6 package many important work will be completed under bullet train project. Some of these are as under:

Design engineering of civil work between Vadodara to Ahmedabad in 6 packages, high speed double line (87.5), 25 crossing bridge, 97.5 km parallel bridge, maintenance depot, among other engineering works. While package C4 construction comprises a total of 46.66% of the project, the length is 237 km.

We are all waiting for commencement of first bullet train of India, and excited too. 

Aren't we?

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