Many a times there is a need of all family members to travel together. In Indian railway, when you go to do online reservation, there is space to mention only 6 passengers and 3 children.

What can be done if one wants to book more than 6 passenger in Indian Railways, at once?

There is option of FTR (Full Tariff Rate registration) where one can book entire train or 6-7 coaches, but that is useful for very large number of people, and it is used by travel agencies or parties who want to book tickets for 700-1000 people at once.

Here we are talking about relatively small number of people, which are more than 6 in number. Why we are harping on number 6 will be clear by looking at the below shown snapshot of railway reservation form:

irctc reservation form
IRCTC railway reservation form has space for filling only 6 passenger details
You can clearly see that when you want to do railway reservation online, you can provide details (name, age, gender, meal, senior citizen) for maximum of six passengers at website.

What if there are 12 people who want to travel together in a train and you want to book railway tickets for all of them at once?

You should remember that we have already talked about booking seats side by side in train (useful when all members want seats in same compartment), but that is also limited to six people.

So, what can be done to solve this problem? Is there any trick?

The answer is Yes!

Yes, you can now book more than 6 passengers together.

For this a person doing booking must have an Aadhar Card. Although, you can travel without Aadhar card in train, but for booking 6 tickets in a month you have to use Aadhar card as a proof of Identity. You can book up to 12 passengers using same Aadhar card.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article, and know how to do booking for more than 6 persons on irctc at once in a train even when IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) reservation form has space for only 6 passengers.

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