The Indian Railway Tourism Corporation (IRTC) is used for online railway booking by millions of people in India. The actual name is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), but in hurry many people type in "IRTC" instead of "IRCTC" while searching it.

Anyway, what you are looking for is the website for booking railway e tickets (electronic tickets). For this you need to know about the next generation railway reservation system. Booking railway tickets on IRTC also require registration and logging into site.

You can learn the complete railway booking process by reading how to guides and other material which is provided in this blog.

searching for irtc in google

Now that you are here, albeit due to mistyping irctc, you will glad to know that service charges for booking railway tickets online on has been done away with. Govt. has done this to promote online booking and transaction. As you know, these days much focus in India is on demonetisation of currency notes and on promotion of digital means for doing day to day transactions.

Another fascinating thing which has attracted interest, especially among stock market players, is the listing of the railway catering company on BSE and NSE. Surely this will be major attracting in coming few months in stock market of India.

Well, apart from all the above there is nothing extra which can be added to what IRTC is all about since it in reality is misspelled or badly written version of IRCTC. Thus what applies to IRCTC applies to IRCTC too.

Sometimes one wonders how can one write such obvious thing wrong. But than putting on some though explains that in hurry one can do anything. Hurry here would surely be booking one's railway tickets.

Good thing is that Google is able to understand what you really intend, and hence you get to online train ticket booking site easily, as it (Google) lists IRCTC pretty much on the top when you type in IRTC.

Imagine if this was not the case. Many of you might not have got confirmed tickets due to wrongly feeding in IRTC instead of IRCTC. So, one can say "Thank You Google" just as we say "OK Google!" 

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