Bollywood stars are celebrities who often fly and seldom travel in a train. But there have been times when these celebs have had to put their feet onto earth, and into the train. Indian Railways transport more than 22 million passengers in a day. With improved railway services and facilities, most of the travelers have a good journey times these days.

celeb in a train

But celebs are made of different stuff. Things happen wherever they incarnate. Things can go exactly opposite to normal with celebs around. Below we tell you about such bollywood superstars that had a nightmare of a time last time they enter a train.

Shah Rukh Khan Got Slapped in Train

When it comes to bollywood, especially to hindi movies, there is no bigger star than Shah Rukh Khan. Shahrukh is also called 'King Khan,' due to his unprecedented popularity and stardom among the fans.

Think about 'Shah Rukh' and a 'Train' together. What comes in your mind?

If you are like most, flashes of him dancing with model Malaika Arora khan in item song "Chal Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya" from film 'Dil Se' should appear in your mind.

shah rukh khan dancing on train
shah rukh khan dancing on goods train
But that was a blockbuster hit. That song topped the charts. Where is nightmare? You may ask!

Yes, that was a great dance number, but that is not the only time sharukh khan was on a train. There was an incident before that song was filmed. 

This is story of early 90's. This is the time when Shah Rukh was a struggling young men and looking for work. He decided to travel to Mumbai. And, guess what mode of transport he chose to come to city of dreams? You are 'right'  - 'train'.

Although now we know that his dreams got fulfilled in Mumbai, it all started with a nightmare. As soon as Shah Rukh's train entered Mumbai, he received a tight slap from a lady. 

This is what Shah Rukh recollects while narrating the incident: "I first came to Mumbai from Delhi in train. And I had no idea that the moment it entered Mumbai it would become a local train. We didn’t have local trains in Delhi. So, I had no idea that an interstate train would become a local one here. As soon as we entered Mumbai, people started coming in to sit. We shooed them away saying this is our berth. Then a lady came along with another person. I told the lady that she could sit but not the person along with her. She gave me a tight slap and said she will sit and every else will also sit on the berth."

Aamir Khan almost Got Bulldozed by Train

Do you remember the famous song "aye kya bolti tu". It is a famous song form  a bollywood drama film released in year 1998 "Ghulam".

This film featured Amir Khan who won filmfare award for best male actor. Aamir Khan played a character named "Siddharth", "siddhu" in short, in a role of a boxer as a hero. Opposite to him Deepak Tijori played a character named "Charlie" as a Villain.

aamir khan looks towards running train
Aamir Khan getting Ready for a run towards speeding train
Film had a famous scene where Siddhu and Charlie are involved in a motorcycle race. During the competition 'Charlie' falls on railway track and looked all set to die as a fast train approached him. Siddhu rescues Charlie at considerable personal risk by running towards the approaching train. Scene was shot by Aamir Khan itself. He got saved by a difference of a mere 1.3 seconds. The Later he won an award for the same.

Priyanka Chopra had Forgettable Local Train Experience

While priyanka chopra might be busy in holywood these days, there was a time when she had to really work hard in bollywood in order to convince people to see her films. In year 2012, Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor traveled in local train to promote their movie 'TERI MERI KAHAANI'.

hot priyanka chopra in train
Priyanka Chopra in a train on hot day in Mumbai

Since celebs are 'untouchable' (not approachable) at most times of their life, the times when they do get into touching distance, chaos happens. And that was what happened. Both got mobbed by crowd inside the bogie.

Hema Malini Almost Got Jailed Travelling Without Ticket

Travelling in train without a railway ticket is a crime. Court can slap you penalty along with imprisonment. You all know that.

But sometimes you can forget to carry your tickets. Especially, when you are not used to train travel, and most celebs aren't used to journeys by train. There is possibility that they even don't know about irctc and online ticketing too.

Few years back, dream girl hema malini decided to take overnight train from Pandharpur to Mumbai. She went to Pandharpur (in maharashtra) to attend some function and visit temples. Her cousin Prabha accompanied her. On return she found that car and flight options were too tedious and time consuming. So she decided to take an overnight direct train to Mumbai.

hema malini forgets her railway ticket
While everything was going smooth and comfortable, apart from prying eyes, there was something missing. Actually, this famous actress forgot her tickets. The organisers of the function in Pandharpur forgot to hand over her tickets to Hema before she boarded the train. It was upon reaching Mumbai, when ticket collector came into coupe to check tickets, did she realize that she was in trouble.

But even the TTE (Travel Ticket Examiner) was her fan. Hema explained everything to him. He also allowed her dream girl to call to organizers at Pandharpur and get the ticket PNR numbers (possibly after Dharmendra paaji told him to cooperate with 'Basanti' or face 2 and half kg hand). After completing the formalities, hema malini along with her cousin, were allowed to walk away on red carpet (not quite).

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