The Indian Railway station at Kota Junction is made on the lines of a hotel. Nine rooms available for passengers are renovated. People now coming to Kota (known for engineering coaching IIT) can now avail hotel facilities at railway station.

For visitors there is an AC Deluxe suite.Those who cannot afford AC room can stay in NON AC rooms. There are 3 of them on the platform. There are 2 air conditioned dormitories too to allow people to rest and relax.

kota junction railway
View of Kota: brij raj bhawan palace kota

Booking in this restroom can be done in person. It is not clear whether IRCTC online retiring room booking service can be used to book this hotel or not. Certainly, the accommodation in this hotel cannot be booked using any of the online hotel booking sites in India.

In the gallery of hotel, good interior designing is done. There are wallpapers and beautiful paintings. All rooms have curtains to cater the privacy of staying people.

There is a cabinet in every room where tourists can keep there valuables and luggage. Outside the gallery canopies are installed where people can sit, chat, and enjoy their time.

Kota is an important railway station in India. Each year many people visit this education center in India. Once upon a time it was an important industrial town in Rajasthan.

Despite being so popular there has always been lack of quality hotels in the city. This is mainly due to poor local administration. People too don't seem to be too interested in keeping the city clean.

But railway has taken a good step. And finally people traveling to kota can now occupy nice accommodation.

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