Here are some very important suggestions to IRCTC users. These suggestions might look simple, but believe that if you follow them you'll reap benefits in future.

important pointers
pointers important to irctc users

Let's start:

Keep your profile updated: Every time you login to IRCTC, make sure to edit and update your profile. In particular you should change/ update your mobile number. As you would know, your phone number is used to send alert messages, reset irctc password, and details about reservation (pnr, seat, coach number). Imagine if you don't update your profile, forget your password, or your old phone is not in use, you'll face problems in booking tickets.

Logout After Use: You should always logout after booking or cancelling tickets, or after doing any other task on This not only keeps your account secure from hackers but also help IRCTC to serve their users faster. This is very important. That's why you see IRCTC automatically logging you out after sometime.

Don't allow others to use your account: Sometimes, due to restriction on number of tickets that can be booked by one ID, people allow their friends or known people to use their own ID and book more number of train tickets. This might look OK, but of you get caught, and it is possible, your account might be banned forever. That is why some people get shocked to see their registration is cancelled and they aren't able to log into the system.

Don't refresh your browser while making payment: When you book railway tickets online on IRCTC, you finish the job by paying money. In this step the payment gateway process your amount and when payment is confirmed you are alerted with the 'success' message. This process, however, can take time. Usually between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Please don't loose your patience during this time and wait. But people have habit of refreshing their browser. They think it will help do payment faster. It isn't so. When you refresh page, all parameters get reset, and process restarts. Also depending on when you refreshed the page, you might find that either the reservation is not done at all or the ticket not booked but money is debited from bank account. Than you face problem of filing TDR and end up complaining.

Don't cancel whole ticket when only few passengers need to cancel journey: These days you can partially cancel your train ticket. Many people don't know this and cancel the entire ticket, Not only they incur loss due to cancellation charges, they also find difficulty in finding seats in train in future. If people who want don't want to travel and booked on same PNR i.e. ticket with same PNR number, these people can be removed from ticket and other can still travel onward.

You can get more than 1 sms alert: Some people complain that they have not got the reservation sms from IRCTC after booking train ticket online. This can happen due to heavy load on server. Most time people get the message after some delay. But if you don't get it you can login into IRCTC again and go to "booked history" section. There is an option to resend sms. You can do it 5 times. So there is no need to panic.

We hope these suggestions will be useful to you and as IRCTC users you follow them to receive better service from Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

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