Apart from budget hotels, IRCTC (railways catering and tourism company) also provides online booking of guest houses throughout the country. For example, Katra guest house is booked by pilgrims visiting Vaishno Devi (maavaishnodevi.org) shrine.

To book guest house irctctourism.com provides hotel planner, which can be used for advance booking. It is a convenient way of booking guest houses since it also tells if accommodation is available or not on a particular date. This information can be really useful for planning journey and deciding when to go.

katra guest house booking

If you are interested in visiting Vasihno Devi Temple soon, then go to katra guest house booking page to check in accommodation.

As you all know katra, in Jammu and Kashmir, holds a significant place in Hindu pilgrimage and each year attracts many visitors. It is a place from where the path to holy shrine starts. Recognizing its importance, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra railway station was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 4, 2014. Due to railway link available the number of tourists has increased manifold. As a result the demand for hotel accommodation has also risen. To take advantage of this high demand, hotel owners in the area have increased rates/ staying prices quite a bit. The rooms are highly expensive and common men is forced to stay in freely run dormitories which are not as comfortable.

IRCTC has come up with a noble solution to this problem. It has established an inexpensive guest house affordable to all. The  tariff  at IRCTC Guest house Katra, is listed below-

  1. Non AC dormitory (per bed) = 175 + 8.75 = Rs 183.75/- Round off Rs. 184/-
  2. Non AC Dormitory (Ladies per bed) 175 + 8.75 = Rs. 183.75/- Round off Rs. 184/-
  3. AC Dormitory = 300 + 15 = Rs. 315/-
  4. Family Room (3 Bedded) Common toilets & Bathroom = 1000 + 100 = 1100/- discounted price Rs.1099/-
  5. Standard Room = 1200 + 120 = Rs. 1320/-
  6. Deluxe Room = 1600 + 160 = Rs. 1760/- 
  7. Family Room (6 bedded common toilet & bathroom) = 1800 + 180 = Rs. 1980/-
  8. Family Room = 2000 + 200 = 2200/-
Apart from above rooms, the guest house do have VIP suites which are bit expensive,

Currently there are two train services, namely 
  • Train no. 22461/22462 Shri Shakti Express (Daily)
  • Train no. 19415/19416 Ahmedabad Katra Express (Weekly)
tickets for these express trains can be booked by through IRCTC ticket booking site login (irctc.co.in). The 22461 Shri Shakti Express train covers the distance of 654.4 kms in 11 hours 40 mins (56.09 km/hr) & in 11 hours 50 mins. Its fare includes a surcharge applicable to superfast type trains.

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