Do you want to reach Mumbai or Kolkata from New Delhi in 1 hr and that too by train journey and not by airplane, than get your railway tickets booked now as it is going to become a reality in near future. Railway ministry has already started to think about this new project known as "Hyperloop train in India."

Indian Railways new hyperloop project will make it possible to make passengers reach Mumbai from New Delhi in just 80 minutes and Howrah from Delhi in just 60 minutes. With hyperloop technology it is possible to move people at the speed of an airline/flight for the price of a train or bus ticket.

Hyperloop transport system
Hyperloop transport system can exceed the speed of airliner

Two big rail companies have already done surveys for this project on 4 railway routes of the country and have already submitted the project report to railway ministry.

The best part about this project is that the interested companies will spend themselves on the project and have only asked for the space required for the development. As per reports, the investment in this railway project will be 60 percent less that what it is for high speed bullet train project.

The project, if completed, will be made available for public use by the year 2021 and it will drastically reduce the travel time between big cities of India. With hyperloop transport in place, the train will be available to public in every 20 second interval.

Two companies which have shown interest in this railway project are Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Hyperloop One.

These companies have identified 4 routes to be suitable for such transportation system in India. These are:

1. Delhi - Jaipur - Indore - Mumbai in 80 minutes.

2. Mumbai - Mangalore - Chennai - Hyderabad - Kolkata in 60 minutes.

3. Mumbai - Pune - Kolhapur - Hubli - Bengaluru - sriperumbudur - Chennai in 60 minutes.

4. Bengaluru - Coimbatore - kochi - thiruvananthapuram in just 40 minutes

As you can see that transportation by Hyperloop technology is super fast. In Hyperloop transportation pod like vehicles are propelled in a low pressure tube and speeds can exceed that of an airliner. This technology is already used in Dubai and los angeles.

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