Get the railway result you are interested in quickly by using the tips given on this page. Each year many applicants apply for railway recruitment test and then wait for result to be declared by railway recruitment board. Each of the applicant want to see his or her railway result, and want to know if he is selected for a job in railway or not.

Now it is common that railway results are often searched online. But are the railway results only searched for finding whether or not one has passed the RRB exam? Or there is something else to it.

There is definitely something else when it comes to knowing the result of railway online. Many of you must have experienced that when you search for "railway" on internet, many results are returned. These are like railway enquiry, IRCTC, Indian Railway board website etc. So, when you search for your exam results for jobs in railway ( and here are new railway jobs) you get all other results, along with result of exams.

railway job exam pattern
Pattern of Railway Exam Questions

In order to see only the railway recruitment results, you need to change the way you search your railway results on internet. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to or any other search engine.

2. Enter "railway recruitment results".  Don't just search for "railway results". Be specific in what you need to search. In fact, you can be more and more specific in order to get the right result. For example, you can include post, year, and recruitment board which conducted the exam in your search.

3. Now search. This way you will get only the railway exam results, and not other results which are railway related terms searched by common men.

We are very sure that when you try and find your exams results in a manner we have explained above, you will find railway result online quickly than how you find them now.

Apart from above tips, you can also directly go to railway board website mentioned in railway job exam form or notification in newspapers. Also there are many exam result websites in India which publishes the results of railway exams.

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