Kidneys are vital organs of human body. But today's lifestyle, in particular below mentioned bad habits, are causing damage to our kidneys. No wonder we hear more about kidney transplantation these days than before.

Main causes that are leading us towards transplantation of a kidney occur from simple bad habits involving unnatural lifestyle and intake of toxic, heavy, and non nutritious food.

If you have one of these bad habits you should immediately start getting rid of them to save your kidney:


  1. Stopping urine: Don't ever stop the urine when you feel like urinating. You must immediately find a toilet nearby to get rid of it. When you intentionally stop urination, it comes up to kidney. This results in a problem called urine reflux. The bacteria therein causes infection to kidney. So don't do this ever.
  2. Excessive intake of salt: Taking excessive salt or eating very salty food increases blood pressure abnormally.  This happens because of sodium present in salt. This has a direct effect on our kidney.
  3. Non Veg Food:  Being vegetarian can save you from kidney problems, but if you are a non vegetarian you should have a balanced mix of veg and non veg food in your diet. The high presence of protein in non veg food increases metabolic load on your kidney and is one of the main cause of kidney stone.
  4. Incomplete sleep: Studies say that one should sleep for a minimum 7 to 8 hrs in a day, preferably at night. Some people even work at night. This is unnatural. People who sleep less are highly prone to heart disease. It increases the probability of kidney diseases too.
  5. Drink water less or more: Doctors recommend to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. We have already mentioned that water is therapeutic if you drink it right way and it act as a health enhancing food. If you drink less water than recommended the toxins present in body can have a seriously bad affect of the kidneys. Similarly, drinking more water than required can also cause pressure on the kidney which is not good for health.
  6. You drink Cold Drinks: Cold drinks or carbonated water drinks have sodium and orthophosphoric acid in them. Both of these are bad for kidneys functions.
  7. Smoking Cigarettes and chewing Tobacco: It doesn't matter whether you are a chain smoker or a not, and whether you occasionally chew tobacco or you are habitual to it. Every time you take tobacco or smoke, you cause damage to your kidneys. This is due to increased blood pressure. These bad habits can even cause cancer. So be very careful and get rid of them quickly.
  8. You avoid infections: If you have habit of frequently avoiding infections like tonsils and common cold you might just be inviting kidney problems. Ignoring these infections causes 'post infectious glomerulonephritis' which causes kidney swelling.
  9. You take more medicines than required:  Some people have a habit of taking pills and medicines even when they are not really required. For example, many people take pain killers and antibiotics, just like that. Keep in mind that excessive intake of these medicines have a very bad effect on your kidney. Avoid taking painkillers as much as you can. Take it only when doctor prescribes.
  10. Over Eating: Obese people are more prone to kidney damage than normal weight people. Weight of the body increases exponentially due to overeating. Thus you should get rid of this bad habit of eating even when you aren't really hungry. Meanwhile if your are overweight and don't want to spend much yet want to loose weight, read how to loose weight while sleeping.
We hope that you understand how important kidneys are to our body. They are very very vital for the body functioning. They cleanse blood by removing waste, toxins and excessive fluids. Although almighty has provided us with two kidneys, we should not take it for granted. It is our duty to take care or each and every organ of our body and kidneys are no different.

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