Soon the blue, yellow, red lines trains of Delhi Metro will run without a driver. Delhi metro is in a process of unveiling their first lot of fully automated driver less trains in near future.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is already testing such trains in trial runs before making them operational on regular basis. These would be different from light metro trains which could also become part of metro city rail services in years to come.

new delhi metro train
brand new delhi metro train getting ready before run

To start off with, the train without a driver would run on phase-3 route (see delhi metro map for route information). This metro train would cover around 38 kms distance between Janakpuri West and Botanical Garden stations during its run. In another run the train will travel from Shiv Vihar to Majlis Park covering a total distance of 58.5 km.

This new metro train is imported from South Korea. It has six bogies. The average speed of this train is faster than the regular metro train. The bogies are also wider. Whereas the width of regular metro coach is 2.9 m, the driver less train coach width is 3.2 meter.

Delhi metro authorities would need to set up maintenance plants for new trains. Maintenance of metro trains is a prime task. Currently DMRC does a very good job of keeping trains fit to run each morning. You can see this interesting video on delhi metro from BBC hindi to know how metro trains are maintained.

Due to bigger size it will have more accommodation available for passengers. There will be 280 seats (more) available for sitting. The frequency of such trains would also be higher as the speed is 5 kph more than the currently operational metro trains in national capital.

This is a unique experiment. It has already been tested successfully previously in Singapore. As per DMRC officials there would be space for drivers but the train would not have them. Whole run of train would be controlled by engineers sitting in control room.

Delhi Metro is excited about these trains because they can boost up their revenues manifold. The new trains would consume 33 percent less electricity and at the same time will have increase capacity to carry passengers. In total 81 driver less metro trains have been ordered and 14 trains are received already.

Delhi metro is currently covering total of 213 km distance on its routes with 216 train under operation. The rapid transit service was started 13 years ago on December 24, 2002 to bear the ever increasing load of public vehicles on the roads of Delhi.

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