To make  it easy for physically disabled persons to travel, Ministry of Railways has come up with huge relief plan. Under this plan there will be two types of quotas for physically challenged persons from which seats will be allotted at the time of reservation. Seats will be made available to a physically challenge person and its escort from these two different quotas at the time of ticket booking.

Indian Railways new rules for handicapped persons
More needs to be done for physically challenged persons by railways to make their journey comfortable and easy.

New rule will also be advantageous for other passengers. General category passengers will be benefited as  if the seats reserved for handicapped quota remains vacant such seats will be made available for general booking. This will increase the seat availability in general quota.

New rule will come into action from Dec 22, 2015. Apart from seat quota physically handicapped person will also get lower berth/ seat always. His attendant will get the middle berth so that he can easily take care for his fellow passenger. In case the seats are not available under the above quotas, the railway reservation system will try and book seats for handicapped persons from other quotas and that too will be lower seat, if possible. Seat booking for attendant will be optional too.

Here are other few important things that should be kept in mind as regards to reservation for physically handicapped persons in railway:

  1. In each cabin, two berths, a lower berth and middle berth, will be reserved for handicapped personnel. It will be optional to carry attendant.
  2. Category under which it is necessary for attendant to travel, concessional tickets/seats will be booked as per first come first served basis.
  3. Category under which attendant  is optional, and a passenger decides not to travel with attendant, than vacant seats will be queued up with waiting list and RAC quota.
  4. If a lower berth seat remains vacant at the time of chart preparation of a train, these lower berths will be allotted to senior citizens.
  5. Reservation system will always try and allot lower berth to a handicap person and middle berth to his attendant.
It is clear that railway has considered the problems of handicapped persons seriously and has come up with new rules to make journey easy for them than before.

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