Recently, Indian Railway has started many toll free helpline numbers on which railway users can call and get their problems solved without paying any charges. Strangely enough large number of people aren't aware of all these useful numbers yet. As per survey conducted by us most people in India are only aware of railway enquiry number which is 139.

But 139 is not the only railway number you need to remember. There are many other numbers which people can use to quickly get help or to solve any problem related to railway operations in India.

a railway phone and numbers
a railway phone and numbers

For the benefit of our readers we are listing some of these numbers here:

  • 138 - Use this railway number for registering complaints related to booking, cleanliness inside trains and at platforms, unavailability of electricity and water inside the running train, functioning of AC and fans in coaches.
  • 182 - Use this railway helpline number if you feel danger while train is moving. For example, if you feel insecure due to fight among unsocial elements or if someone is threatening you or trying to snatch your valuables (like jewelry, cash etc.), quickly give a call on 182. This number can also be used to register FIR of theft of luggage too. 
Basically you need to remember three numbers: 139, 138,and 182. We recommend that you permanently save these numbers in your phones memory card for ease of use. Also so that you can quickly dial these numbers from your mobile we suggest to keep these numbers in speed dial mode so that you can make a call by just pressing one key and a green call button on your phone.

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