Ease your travelling by local trains of Mumbai by purchasing Mumbai Local Train Pass online. Railway passes work like 'mumbai suburban season ticket' and frees traveler from day to day problems of standing in queue at ticket counters to buy tickets.

Time is of importance and buying a local train pass for travelling in Mumbai city saves plenty of time. For timetable of local train operating on central line and thane-vashi line click here and select source and destination stations to get the schedule.

One can also use fare calculator to get and prepare mumbai local trains monthly pass rate card which can be handy for quickly getting train pass fare, say for example to get Borivali to Malad train pass amount.

The method explained above can be used for buying rail train pass, train night pass, train local pass. Apart from local train passes you can also now make use of One Touch ATVMs (automatic ticket vending machines)

These ticket vending machines were Introduced in 2017 but to get the train ticket of a local train, one had to go through at least 6 steps. Now new machines have been installed and only 2 steps are needed to complete the ticket booking process.

In first step user is asked to choose if he wants to book a one way ticket or a return journey ticket. Once selection is made, next part is to choose the destination.

You pay the booking charges either in cash to railway agent present there, or you can also deposit in machines which have sensors to recognize currency notes and coins and count them.

Thta's it. Your ticket is booked.

But coming back to pass if you are interested in we are providing you simple calculator to  calculate fare and distance for your travel within mumbai.

Mumbai Local train Pass - Calculate Fare and Distance

Central Thane-Vashi
Distance Calculator
Ticket Fare Calculator
And :

Select Station :

Apart from Mumbai, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) also delivers local train passes to Nashik, Pune, Surat, and Thane cities . If you have any questions and answers you are recommended to see IRCTC Mumbai Season ticket booking page.

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