Users can now register online to get alerted when their destination is about to arrive and get a wake up alarm setup so that they can be sure of never missing their station while traveling by train.

This possible by irctc destination alert service will make an automatic call on registered user's phone and send sms message few minutes before the station arrives. This will allow passengers to wake up on time and allow enough time to get ready with their luggage so that they can comfortably step down at the station.

irctc alerts user before reaching his destination - vijayawada station

On the face of it, this may look like just another simple service. But ask any regular train traveler, he will tell you how difficult it becomes to have a sound sleep in train when one is not sure at what time a train would reach a particular station. At most time a passenger has an idea about the time at which a train reaches the station, especially when it is running as per schedule. There are online services to find the train schedule. But the real problem comes when train is running late, and chances are that it will continue to get delayed between the stations. Then it is hard to predict at what time the train will reach. Also if one is going to particular city for the first time, one is not that much attentive and is likely to miss the stations. It is difficult to sleep.

To solve the above problem, IRCTC has come up with the alert/ alarm service to which a user can subscribe to and retire to sleep without having worry to miss the station.

How to set up or register irctc destination alert and wake up service 

The registration to this service is free, but there is a cost of booking alert and alarm for which a passenger has to pay a price. To set up

SMS ALERT {Your_PNR_Number} send to 139.

*pnr number is printed on top left corner of train ticket and is also send in a message send by '' eticket booking site with reservation details on customer's mobile.

Following call charges are applicable -

Mobile: Rs. 1.20 for a pulse of 60 seconds for calls from Metro cities while for calls from non metro cities/areas the charges are Rs. 2 for a pulse of 60 seconds. SMS (Pull) cost is Rs. 3 per SMS.

Registering is simple and after that a registered user can set up alert any time he is traveling by train. It is important that you have your pnr number, the one you use to check pnr status  and that has 10 digits exactly, ready and you need to provide it for using the automatic alert service,

Setting up alerts for destination can be done using any mobile phone through which text messages can be send. Destination alert shall be set for the given PNR Number, you will also receive a confirmation message on your mobile as “DESTINATION ALERT call has been set on your mobile number for ”.

To know how to do destination alert registration and place a wake up call download the irctc destination alert pdf.

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