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Book Trains with Confirmed Availability on IRCTC in 3 steps only

If you want to find trains on IRCTC (online railway booking website) quickly  with confirmed availability of seats than you must follow the instructions given here. 
After reading and following the instruction given here you will almost always get a confirmed reservation in one of the available trains between the two stations you desire to travel.
So, let's get started.  (Note: there is no need to login on irctc pages for finding trains, availability and fare).
Step 1. Go to railway website train search section by using the following link You will see something like this, a form that helps you search trains online.

Step 2: Now enter all the details in fields provided on the form. Two fields, namely "From" and "To" are mandatory to fill in order to search a train. Other fields are "Date", "Class of Travel", and there are couple of other options viz "Flexible With Date" and "DIVYAANG&q…