The "Irctc Log In Pnr Status" page completely defines the online reservation stages. While irctc login page concerns with booking prior to online reservation, the pnr status relates to reservation status after the reservation is complete.

Online railway booking starts with planning of journey. But in order to plan a journey one makes use of online railway reservation system. This is where irctc-log-in is done to enter the system with username and password. After planning the journey, the status of ticket is checked to know if the seat is confirmed or not,

Basically the complete reservation in train is sandwiched between the "log in" and "status check". In layman terms one would say while describing "how to do reservation," as - first log-in to railway reservation website, like and then check the status at railway website, like These two things are mandatory every time one plans to take a journey by train for which railway ticket is booked online.

Both the pages - a page to do irctc-log-in and page to check-pnr-status are open for most times in a day, except when "Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry" page and "Irctc Next Generation eTicketing System" are down for maintenance and are available only after the log is backed up by the railway servers.

The importance of irctc-login-pnr-status page can't be underestimated as no train reservation is complete without it. Many people can't seem to find where is the option of logging in on pnr-status page. They don't seem to find it. But funnily enough it is present. But the option is denoted by different words then the 'irctc-login'. On railway enquiry page, which is also the page to get pnr-status, the option is mentioned by words - "internet reservation". If you don't believe this, see the screen shot of the page below.

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