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Train Accident Avoided in Time

What could have been a major train accident in India, in which fire from railway engine (locomotive) could have roasted hundreds of passengers, was avaoided due to smartness of loco pilot and local people.

Incident took place on March 22, 2019 when a popular express train that runs between Chandigarh and Dibrugarh departed on time, but before it could reach its destination the engine of the train caught fire near Darjeeling (a popular hill station in the state of  West Bengal).

The fire first engulfed the locomotive and than it spread all around further reaching the three immediate bogies attached to locomotive.

As soon as the passengers felt the heat, people started running around and few jumped off the train in panic too. Miraculously no one got injured majorly in stampede that took place.

But how the passengers in burning train escaped injuries and mishap?

Certainly these people were very lucky, unlike a pizza hut worker who got killed in a train accident few years ago.

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