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Indian Railway RAC Ticket to be Confirmed Ticket Now

Now Indian Railways will treat RAC ticket as a confirm ticket or will try to make sure that RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket customers get a confirmed seat. Actually railways are changing some of its rules from July 1,2017, and there are many changes that you need to know.

Changes in rules include the 50 percent refund on tatkal ticket cancellation, issuance of only confirmed paperless railway tickets and many more new rules to make the journey by train comfortable for passengers.

Let's see some of the important changes that railways is coming up with for the benefit of passengers:

Refund on tatkal: Until now when you return your tatkal ticket for cancellation you don't get anything back. From July 1, 2017 onward you will get 50 percent back of total cost of your tatkal ticket on cancellation.

Refund on Tickets of Suvidha Trains:  On cancellation of Suvidha Train tickets,  railway customers will get varied refunds depending on which travel class they reserved their…

How to Get Maximum Internet Speed in Indian Railways

To get maximum internet speed while travelling is the thing which everyone wishes for. Indian Railways is introducing high speed internet in trains for passengers so that they can browse the internet and share their travel experiences with friends comfortably.

So, if you are also someone who loves working on internet, than this article will provide you info on how to get maximum internet speed while travelling by a train. RailTel is what handles railway telecommunication and internet.

Actually Indian Railway is working on a project called "Railway High Speed Mobile Communication Corridor". Actually the main purpose of this project is to improve the operations of railway by using high communication technology. But this will also benefit the passengers.

Once established, the high speed internet corridor will provide free broadband to passengers on train routes (see one of the prettiest train routes here) which have been selected for fast internet services in India.

You will b…