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Happy Republic Day Message On a Rainy Day in India

Many happy returns of Republic Day. It's raining, and all India is enjoying this important day. Since it's raining, we can call it a R-Day too. R for Republic, and R for Rain, and that's how it's trending on twitter too.

The message we want to deliver on this republic day of India is to respect your freedom, be strong and be positive in your life. Identify the most important thing you want in your life right now and take pledge to make it happen by the time the next republic day arrives.

This is a great day. In fact, you can reiterate to yourself, the new year resolution which you made a month back. Today's day has a motivational value, and anything promised today to yourself, will have a special power attached to it.

It is more likely to happen if you promise today than on any other day.

We pray that from this day onward, all of you see even more happier times in your life, and that each day you sleep in peace and wake up in joy.

Let all your dreams come true.


IRCTC Login - Quick Online Railway Booking

Want to book railway tickets quickly online? Visit (e ticket booking site of indian railway). Authenticate yourself by providing 'user id' and 'password'. This is called "IRCTC Login", and the homepage of is called "IRCTC Login Page".

This is how the login page looks like.

Once you are authenticated successfully, you are ready to go and plan your journey (which we will explain in just a minute).

IRCTC Login Process It's time to get you started with - "How to login quickly on IRCTC for booking railway tickets faster than anyone else?" So let's go -
Those who don't have a username and password, need to first register to get them. Registration on IRCTC is mandatory for you to be able to do ticket booking. Good thing is that it is absolutely free i.e. there is no fee upfront. Follow the instructions here to signup at irctc registration page.
After registration, you will also have your username and password.…

Why Make Sure Your name Spelling Is Correct on Railway Ticket

Human being make mistakes, and they happen. But sometime small mistakes lead to disastrous consequences. This is especially true when your name spelling is printed wrong on a document issued by a govt agency. Your railway ticket too falls in this category.

Many people take the wrongly printed or wrongly spelled name on their railway ticket lightly. Their past experience tells them that it is not such a major worry.
But as you read along, you will find why you should not take wrongly spelled name on your railway ticket lightly, and how it can create trouble for you on a bad day. You will understand completely, as to why you should make sure that your name spelling is correct on railway ticket as you take your journey.
Most times the spelling is right on ID proof, and that Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) can identify the right passenger by tallying the face of passenger with photo on valid original id proof, people think that it really doesn't matter whether their name is correct o…

4 Easy Ways To Order Food in Train in Indian Railway

Getting food of your choice at right time while traveling by train has never been this easy. You can get food items at your seat using any of the 4 easy ways explained below. All you'll need is a phone to place your order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
As you all know that food and catering is handled by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) for railway passengers. To get 'food on track', you can:
1. Call 1323: Pick up your phone and make a call. This is toll free number. Here you can leave your name, mobile number, date and time (at which you wish to receive a callback). The railway food provider will call you back at your mentioned number. You can than order meals and food items of your choice.
2. Visit e catering website: If you are carrying a smartphone or a laptop or any other device through which you can browse on internet, go to To place your order, first search for availability of food, by entering either statio…

Phones Under 1000: Be the first to see the best phone below 10K in India

Those who are looking for a good quality phone under 10000 rupees, Lenova Vibe K5 is possibly the best among the lot. It is studded with all the stunning features, some of them are only available in high end phones.

Why we say that Lenova Vibe K5 is  possibly the best under 10000 Phones?

There is a solid reason behind this claim. We've actually tested this phone personally, and we got more than what we  expected for a phone which costs not even 10000.
You could be the first to see and know about the best phone below price INR 10 K in India. So, congrats!

This is what we got:
We got stunning pictures with its 13 mp rear camera. The selfies were outstanding too. Everyone liked them when we share them.The battery lasted for a magnificent 322 hrs on a standby. And when we used its WiFi internet and played high end games, the battery still lasted for about 16 hrs.The best part was the phone's performance. It didn't hung up even once. There were no heating problems (it is one pr…

Do you want to know your train seat before booking tickets on IRCTC ?

People are always curious to know which berth will be allocated to them in train when they book their railway tickets. This is because if they know their seat number in advance it will be easy for them to decide whether or not to go ahead with booking in that particular train. This will make it possible for them to change the train if they don't like the seat (for example, when the don't get the much preferred lower seat).

Question is - Is it Possible to know the berth allocation in advance? We all know that seat allocation is done online through complex computer algorithm, and it also depends upon the seat availability status at the time of booking.

Given the fact that Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation's (IRCTC) railway booking system is one of the most advanced railway reservation system, it won't be an aerial expectation if someone want's to know the exact seat allocated to him/her even before ticket is booked from this next generation system. Th…

Low Price Mobile Phones in India

Would you like to have a low price mobile phone studded with great features? If 'Yes', than know that you are not the only one who is interested in buying the low price mobile phone.  And finding affordable phones is not that difficult. It's easy these days. You can search right now the low budget mobile of your choice, and buy them now and be happy like so many others using a search tool like this one from Amazon India (online shopping store).

Click here to find low price mobile [Buy price between Rs 1000 and 10000].

These phones are really wonderful because some of our newest subscribers have already told us how much better these reasonably priced phones are than anything they have been using thus far. Luckily the low price is still in effect for few more days. Fortunately if you buy today, you'll still get the discounts that other people have already received on purchase.

After you select your mobile you'll notice how easy it was to find one. Since the most imp…

Indian Railway Toy Trains With Video

Toy trains are fascinating, and in India there are some of the worlds most amazing toy trains that will take you to the beautiful high mountain valleys on joy ride. These toy like trains will make you child again as you will be jumping and dancing with joy when these trains chug along on narrow gauge tracks.

At present there are 4 mountain toy trains operational in India. These are Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Kalka Shimla Railway, and Matheran Hill railway. Your Indian tour won't be complete unless you take a ride on these trains. These trains together are also identified as UNESCO World Heritage site, you cannot give them a miss.

Already much has been written about mountain trains of india on wikipedia and it's worth reading. But apart from reading you will enjoy more when you watch these toy trains in action. Here is a most wonderful toy train video by Indian Railways. Watch it, than proceed.

What we want to tell here you is how these trains will…